Irina Sheik in Poland! How much will he pay for a night in a five-star hotel?

Irina Sheik came unexpectedly to Poland for her fans. Previously, she had not stumbled on social media that she was planning a trip to Warsaw. Though her arrival was kept a secret, it still did photojournalists captured Irina Shayk right in front of the model’s entrance to the Hotel Europejski. However, so far no official statement has appeared that would explain the purpose of Irina Shayk’s visit to Poland.

Irina Shayk, who is a well-known Russian model and has, among others, cooperation with brands such as: Victoria’s Secret or Intimissimi came to the capital of Poland on invitation. It is rather unlikely that Irina Sheik will visit Warsaw as a tourist.

In the photos of the photojournalists who captured Irina Shayk in front of the entrance to the Warsaw hotel, you can see how Irina Sheik is doing her best not to be conspicuous. She was wearing dark clothes and her face was covered with a mask and glasses

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