Irina Sheik in Warsaw. Why did she come to Poland?

Irina Sheik is in Warsaw. The world-famous model was caught in Poland by paparazzi as she got out of a limousine in front of one of the luxury hotels. It turns out that it will be shooting an advertisement for a well-known chain store. On the set, he will perform with a nice handsome guy.

Irina Sheik is one of the most famous models in the world. She started her career in the industry as a teenager. The beauty from Russia first moved to Paris, from where she set off to further conquer the catwalks. In Europe, she started working with the largest brands. It signed its first contracts with, inter alia, Intimissimi, if Victoria’s Secret. Her career hasn’t slowed down since then. It still concludes new contracts and uses its image to advertise the most famous fashion houses as well as cosmetics and clothing brands. She regularly appears on the covers of color magazines, where she exhibits her beautiful body.

Magazines from around the world have placed her in the forefront of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world for years. No wonder that a Hollywood hunk fell in love with her. For several years she was associated with Bradley Cooper, with whom she had a daughter. Their affection, however, did not stand the test of time.

Irina Sheik is in Poland. Why did she come to Warsaw?

The world-famous model was photographed on January 11 in Poland. Paparazzi caught her yesterday in front of one of the hotels in the center of the capital. She came there in a black limousine with a mask on her face. The model in Warsaw stayed at the five-star Raffles Europejski hotel. Prices for one night in this luxurious place start from PLN 1021 per night.

The former beloved of Bradley Cooper, getting off the limousine, was holding a paper bag with the logo of the CCC brand in her hand. It turns out that there is a reason. As the portal found out Hurdle soon we will see her in the advertisement of this chain.

Irina Sheik came to our country to shoot an advertisement for CCC. In the advertisement, next to Irina, the Spaniard Jon Kortajarena will appear, informs the portal.

Jon Kortarajena, who will appear with Irina in advertising spots of the Polish brand, is also a world-class model. In its portfolio, it can boast of cooperation with such brands as, for example Versace, Giorgio Armani, if Guess. He is also a friend of Michel Morrone known from 365 days.

In our gallery you will find photos that the paparazzi managed to take Irina in front of the hotel located in Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw, as well as photos of the partner with whom she will appear in the CCC advertisement.

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