Irina Sheik keeps her love life to herself

Irina Sheik

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Irina Sheik

Irina Sheik keeps her love life to herself

It was recently rumored that the 35-year-old supermodel is dating Kanye West. Although it turned out that the couple broke up, Irina does not want to talk about it.

Irina suggested that something was going on in her love life all the time, but she wanted to keep it to herself.

Speaking to HIGHStyle magazine, she said: “Tomorrow there will be a rumor that I am seeing my porter. The day after tomorrow it will be someone else. There is always something going on, but I keep something to myself. ”

Rumors of an affair with the hit rapper “Heartless” appeared this year after he and his wife Kim Kardashian West decided to divorce.

Then it was said that the couple broke up in August, and those around the former couple said that the relationship was never serious.

A source stated: “It has never been a serious relationship. [Kanye] he wanted to create something wrong with Irina. He was busy with work and they lived in different places. This was the reason they broke up. They are still friends and respect each other. It just couldn’t develop into a full relationship. ”

Another source added: “Kanye is busy at work and spends time with the kids. This is what he is focusing on now. No time for dating now. Still, she claims Irina is amazing. They are in friendly relations. ”

Despite the separation, it is said that Irina and Kanye (44 years old) are in a close relationship.

A source said, “Kanye and Irina are still friends. They will always be friends and support their work. “

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