Irina Sheik on an autumn walk with her daughter. Even in a tracksuit, the model looks like a million dollars

Irina Sheik (33) is without a doubt a beautiful woman. Since she broke up with Bradley Cooper, the model shares custody of her daughter with an ex-man in half. This time, Shayk was photographed with little Lea in the street in New York. Irina even looks like a million dollars in loose styling.

Bradley Cooper is PACKING at the gym while Irina Shayk is out for a walk with her daughter

Stylish Irina Sheik walks with her daughter in the rain

Irina Sheik was noticed by photojournalists on Tuesday afternoon. The model went on an autumn walk with her daughter: Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. The girl is almost three years old and looks like a little angel in blonde curly hair.

The long-legged model and her little daughter were spotted Shayk pushing the baby stroller in light rain. Five months have passed since Irina parted with actor and director – Bradley Cooper. Looks like he’s not going on dates yet. At the moment, her primary focus is on the child and her career.

The model was wearing a beige ankle-length trench coat that day. Underneath she wore a gray blouse over which she draped a navy blue scarf. Shayk combined the trench coat with cashmere leggings that had inscriptions on the side Falconer. You have to pay about PLN 2,000 for the same tracksuits. She combined all the styling heavy, lace-up shoes.

Lea she wore a fluffy lilac jacket with red gloves that matched her red and white hat. The girl had a plastic cover on her legs to keep out rain. Mom and daughter look very stylish even on a walk!

Irina Sheik

Photo: FORUM/Backgrid USA

Who is little Lea more like?


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