Irina Sheik showed an archival photo. What did she look like 15 years ago?

On Instagram, Irina Shayk showed a photo from 15 years ago. Even then, it delighted with its beauty and figure. How much has it changed during this time?

Irina Sheik was born in Jemanżelinsk, Russia. Her mother worked as a music teacher in a kindergarten and her father was a miner. Unfortunately, he died young due to complications from pneumonia. Despite this, her mother did not give up, she took an additional job, thanks to which she could support herself, Irina and her older sister, Tatiana.

For years, the model has been considered one of the sexiest women in the world and the most sought-after representatives of the fashion industry. The most handsome men strove for her favors – she met with Cristiano Ronaldoand later formed a relationship with Bradley Cooper.

Shayk has always been a real beauty to look away from. She proved it by publishing a photo that was taken 15 years ago. What did she look like?

Irina Sheik in the archival photo

A photo from 15 years ago appeared on Irina’s Instagram. The model was then 20 years old and basically crawled in the world of fashion. Back then, no one thought that she would be able to climb to the very top of popularity. She herself certainly did not expect that she would walk on the catwalks in the clothes of the most eminent designers.

The model began her adventure with the industry quite late. In 2004, she won a beauty contest Miss Chelyabinsk. The local struggle was a springboard for her, to the next levels of popularity. She started her professional career at the age of 19 in Paris. In May 2009, she signed a contract with the IMG agency, and a year later she became an ambassador Intimissimi. Shortly after that, she cooperated with, among others With Beach Bunny, Victoria’s Secret if Guess.

Shayk had a huge advantage over her competitors from the beginning. The latest photo she posted on Instagram only confirms this. The model posed on it in skimpy lingerie that showed off her flat stomach. As a teenager, she had beautiful brown hair, large eyes, a shapely nose and alluring lips. It was an eye-catcher from a distance and was second to none, so it is no wonder that it gained international fame in such a short time.

Over two thousand comments appeared under the photo in a short time. Internet users do not spare the model compliments. Some of them cannot believe that over the years it has hardly changed at all.

  • You’re kidding!
  • Wow, you always looked killer.
  • You have not changed a bit…
  • You looked the same as you do now!
  • This is what I call natural beauty.

Irina will turn 35 this year. I must admit that for this beauty, time has stopped several years ago.

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