Irina Sheik – who is she?

From the day the girl was born, Irina and Bradley never showed her image on social media. They also avoided parties and publicity. One day, during a Sunday walk, the model was photographed with her daughter. This time Irina did not cover her face.

It’s all dad, Bradley Cooper. Isn’t Lea adorable?

The model dated Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for 5 years. The couple met during a joint Armani Exchange campaign. From 2015, she was associated with the actor Bradley Cooper.

Irina Sheik – who is she?

Irina Shayk is a Russian model who was born in Yemanżelinsk (a small town in Russia). Her father was a miner but died of complications from pneumonia when she was only 14 years old. The model had to learn independence very quickly, taking up typical male activities, such as hammering nails or hanging curtains. Has Irina Sheik always wanted to be a model? In interviews, she mentions that she wanted to become a teacher or teach piano as she went to music school for 7 years. The only thing Irina was always sure was that one day she would flee the small town for sure. Currently, Irina is an ambassador of a charity organization that deals with helping sick children. Together with her sister Tatiana, she managed to restore the children’s ward in a hospital located in the town where she comes from. As a model, she appeared on the catwalk for the first time at the age of 19, in Paris. At that time, she lived with other models in a small apartment and believed that she would be successful. Childhood experiences made Irina grow into a strong and independent woman who is not so easy to hurt.

Surprising confession by Irina Sheik

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper – parting

Irina Sheik has been dating Bradley Cooper since 2015, and a year later in March, they made their debut together on the red carpet. The model’s pregnancy with the actor was revealed at one of the Victoria’s Secret shows, when the model went to the catwalk in the sixth month of pregnancy. Although there were a lot of rumors in the media about the couple’s engagement, the wedding never happened. Irina and Bradley split up after four years of relationship, from which they have a common daughter, Lea. In several interviews, the actress mentioned that after parting ways with Bradley, she had to learn to live a completely different life and take care of her daughter. Although the actor helps Irini in raising the model, the model often calls himself a “single mother”. Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper split up shortly after the end of the promotion of “A Star Is Born”, in which the actor starred with Lady Gaga.

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