Irina Sheik with a handsome Italian on her way to the party. We know who he is

Irina Sheik continues to be one of the hottest names in the world of show business. She gained popularity as a model, but it was her relationship with Bradley Cooper that helped her gain even more publicity. Unfortunately, their story couldn’t go on forever and they broke up a few months ago. Irina moved out of the actor’s apartment, and the reason was allegedly his affair with Lady Gaga. The model, however, did not get discouraged by the guys and every now and then appears at parties alongside another one. Who was with her this time?

Irina Sheik at a party in New York

The model honored with her presence the New York gala “The 2019 Innovator Awards”. On the wall, she posed in a beige set, which consisted of a suit with a vest and an olive shirt. Although she looked – as usual – excellent, everyone was still looking at the man by her side.

Irina entered the party alongside a handsome Italian. Many people thought it was her new partner, but we know this face. He is a friend of model Riccardo Tisci. He is a very famous designer, and for some time the creative director of the Burberry fashion house.

On the wall, the fashion maker posed with an award, so Irina’s support was certainly very important to him. In such beautiful moments, it is worth having a trusted person next to you.


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at a concert in Las Vegas. The actor made a surprise for the artist when he entered the stage:

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