Irina Sheik with a mysterious man! What about Bradley?

Irina Sheik caught on a date with a handsome man! Has she forgotten about Bradley Cooper?

Irina Shayk seems to have forgotten about Bradley Cooper! Recently, a model was caught dating a mystery man and clearly did not want her photos taken. The star has only been single for 4 months, but does not intend to go back to the past anymore. Is the photographed man her friend or maybe the couple really have something more in common? Look!

Irina had already forgotten about Bradley

In June this year. Irina Sheik broke up with Bradley Cooper. The couple dated each other for 4 years. And in 2017, she welcomed her daughter, who was named Lea. Unfortunately, the relationship of the stars is a thing of the past and there are no signs that the pair will get back together. Why?

Recently, we reported on Bradley Cooper’s new relationship. Recall that the actor was supposed to leave Irina Sheik for Lady Gaga. The star, however, was afraid to get involved in a new relationship, which the singer did not like very much. Eventually, the couple broke up for good when they were to tell the world about their feelings. Now both Bradley and Gaga have to go on dates. Apparently, the director fell in love with Angelina Jolie! Will there be anything serious about it? We’ll see!

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The constant rumors about Bradley Cooper and his new love relationships forced Irina to start living the future as well. The model realizes that this is the end of the relationship with the actor. Irina began to go on dates, however, unlike her ex-partner, she does not meet any celebrities. Recently, paparazzi caught her with a mysterious man in New York. The couple clearly did not want to be photographed, but they did not manage to escape the journalists.

See photos from the date where Irina sends kisses to “my friend”. Do you think this is her new partner?

Irina Sheik has a new lover?


Irina on a date.

Irina Sheik has a new lover?


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