Irina Shyak with her daughter through the lens of Bradley Cooper. Photo

Irina Sheik showed a charming photo with her little daughter. Fans pondered the description. Have the model and Bradley Cooper come back together? Internet users are already spinning their theories.

Bradley Cooper he is not only a talented actor, but also a great director. Movie A star is born, which he created from a to zet, was appreciated by critics and viewers all over the world. During the year, he made over $ 430 million, which is 12 times more than it cost to make it. He earned nominations for Golden Globes and The Oscars (won the statuette for the best song).

Cooper in the production played the role of the main character Jackson, who on his way meets the talented Ally (in this role Lady Gaga). Shortly after its premiere, reports began appearing in the color press that the feeling that brought film lovers together had moved beyond the glass screen. It was rumored that it was for Lady Gaga that the actor left Irina Shayk, with whom he has a daughter Lea.

The interested parties themselves did not deny the revelation of the boulevards for a long time. Only after some time, when the promotion of the film was over, did they announce that there had never been any romance, and that the ambiguous gestures on the red carpets were only an element intended to fuel interest in the production.

Cooper and Shayk split up in 2019. They are still sharing the care of the baby. Both the actor and the model did not reveal why their paths diverged. Irina in one of the interviews said that she will not comment on this:

My old relationship is mine and private. This is only part of my inner secret that I do not want to reveal – commented Irina Shayk in Elle.

After the breakup, the couple maintains good relations, and the best proof of this is the latest publication on the Russian woman’s profile.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are back together?

Irina Shayk shared an Instagram post that caused quite a stir. The model poses styled in clothes from the latest Burberry collection, of which she has been an ambassador for years. She is not alone – she is accompanied by her 4-year-old daughter. Lea is holding her mother’s hand. Only a fragment of her childish figure is visible.

The caption under the photo caused a lot of emotions among Internet users. Irina Sheik revealed that the author of the photo is “daddy”. There is no doubt that it was Bradley who stood on the other side of the lens, which additionally fueled the interest of Internet users. Fans in the comments ask if the couple gave each other a second chance and started seeing each other regularly:

  • Are you and Bradley back together? It would be beautiful.
  • Daddy? Had Bradley taken this photo? If so, I am delighted.
  • I can’t believe what I see. A beautiful photo and a very talented photographer.

A few weeks earlier, Irina and Bradley had been photographed at their daughter’s birthday party. You could see in the photos that their relationship was great and that they were either getting together again, or they had managed to form a friendly bond shortly after their breakup.

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