Iris Mittenaere is very happy to have met her idol!

Great moment for Iris Mittenaere! During a prom evening, Miss France had the opportunity to meet her childhood idol!

Moment of intense emotion for Iris Mittenaere! While attending a launch party for the Shiseido brand, the Miss has the opportunity to being able to meet one of his childhood idols. MCETV explains everything on the subject!

An incredible meeting

Because the beauty queen often has the opportunity to meet fans. She has even had to put some of them back in place after derogatory remarks. But no question of spoiling his daily happiness between his projects and Diego El Glaoui.

Between two trips, Iris Mittenaere continues to appear alongside the brands with which she works. And this week she lived one of the most improbable moments of his life. A change, because the star becomes a real fan for a few minutes.

Indeed, the Miss didn’t make the trip to the Shiseido evening for nothing. She also knew that she was going to meet one of her childhood idols. Time for a photo, a video, a short exchange, the Miss falls back more than ten years.

The brand’s new muse is none other than Anne Hathaway. Known for her roles as Mia in Princess against her Then A princess wedding, the actress is one of Iris Mittenaere’s childhood heroines. And the meeting will remain strong in emotion.

This time, no question of receiving criticism on his outfit. Because during a wedding, the Miss dresses in white… which caused a little anger from her usual detractors. This time she is focusing on a look a full Michael Kors look ».

Iris Mitteanere happier than ever

She also thinks that one of Anne Hatheway’s dear friends would give a more than positive opinion on her outfit. I think Emily would have loved it. A nice tribute to the one who managed a very nice entrance to this year’s Met Gala.

Indeed, in homage to Karl Lagerfeld, Emily Blunt wore a Michael Kors look. It has also received praise from critics. A look which undoubtedly inspired that of Iris Mittenaere, during the Shiseido launch party… And which earned compliments from Anne Hathaway!

She didn’t dare dream about it, she had it: the former Miss France could hear adorable words from his idol. Which is well worth a video posted on Instagram… with a comment full of emotion and love for the star she admires.

” When THE person who introduced you to fashion at 13 compliment your look,” enthuses Iris Mittenaere on her Insta account. She also greets “the most beautiful & fun queens”. And also shares a little anecdote about it.

“We know each other, I dreamed of being her, She made me cut my bangs and everything, didn’t you? » While likes to change haircuts fairly regularlythe beauty queen therefore succumbed to bangs because of her admiration for Anne Hathaway.

No doubt a little photo of little Iris will allow fans to realize to what extent Anne Hathaway was able to play on her style… Now, it’s the star who congratulates hers. Magic !

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