Is 30 August a public holiday? For whom is 30 August a public holiday? August 29 Half day?

30 August Victory Day Although the preparations for the celebration are going on. “Is August 30 a public holiday?” The answer to the question is being asked. Citizens planning a holiday are searching in the search engine whether 30th August is a holiday or not. So is August 30 a public holiday? For whom is 30 August a public holiday? August 29 Half day?

Is 30 August a holiday on Victory Day?

30 August Victory Day is celebrated as a public holiday in our country every year according to the law.

August 30 holiday for whom?

Wednesday, 30 August is a public holiday and accordingly, official institutions will not function.

August 29 Half day?

August 29 is not a public holiday, so there will be no holiday on that day.

What is the significance of 30 August Vijay Diwas?

Victory Day is a national holiday observed on 30 August every year in the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in memory of the great offensive that resulted in the victory under the command of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk at Dumlupınar on 30 August 1922.

After the successful completion of the great offensive, also known as the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief as it was conducted under Atatürk’s command, the Greek forces were pursued to Izmir; With the liberation of Izmir on September 9, 1922, Turkish lands were freed from Greek occupation. Although the occupation troops later left the country’s borders, 30 August symbolically represents the day the country’s territory was retaken. First celebrated in 1924 as the Commander-in-Chief’s victory at Afyon, 30 August has been celebrated as Victory Day in Turkey since 1926.

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