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Alternative medicine is an option that more and more people are using to treat their illnesses. as diabetes, rheumatism, or depressionexplains Leticia San Gabriel Acosta, who sells products made from herbal extracts of silver and plasma.

noticed Alternative medicines available in drinks, powders and bracelets These products have been on the market for over 10 years and are powerful alternatives for treating certain ailments.

explain what Plasma is a gel extracted through an electrolysis process, the process of separating the elements of a compound by electricity.In this case it says They used copper, graphene and seawater what are these natural phenomena of the earth and? Help the body release itself “This helps repel the insects and release toxins.”

He emphasizes his product “They are excellent antioxidants and cell regenerators. “Everyone who uses this alternative medicine recommends it because its results are effective and positive for the patient’s body. “he pointed out.

The products sold by the company in the central area of ​​the capital state that they are produced in Xalapa and that they have been using these products for more than 10 years with success because of their positive effects.

one of them Seawater gel bracelet “This helps eliminate migraines, sciatica, burning legs, phlegm, stress, rheumatism or sore throat, etc.”

It also sells apple cider vinegar. “It’s 100 percent organic and has therapeutic properties that detoxify the liver, lower triglycerides, aid better digestion and eliminate intestinal bloating.” It also claims it “reduces fat and relieves arthritis.”

Improve health

On the other hand, they also have a Turmeric and ginger powder are excellent antioxidants. “It helps reduce inflammation in the gut, helps control blood pressure, and it’s great because it improves the defenses of people who eat it.”

show that it is Suitable for people with diabetes “Because it helps them control their blood sugar levels.”

What to use for notes Alternative medicine is much cheaper. “But it’s important that people understand that it’s best used preventatively, but it can also help those who already have the disease recover and have a better quality of life.”

Points out that people should try to use natural products derived from the earth “And putting them on drugs that will only harm their health.”

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