Is Black Friday in Poland?

For several years we have been slowly getting used to the fact that Black Friday is more and more often displayed on the screens of our TV sets and websites. It is a time of decisive action both for the stores to attract customers and for them to take advantage of the promotions offered by the owners. It’s worth seeing snapshots of Black Friday from the United States, where it’s a real celebration. And what does it look like in our country? We decided to check it out, so we have no other option than to encourage you to read our article.

Black Friday in Poland? Absolutely there is!

If we were to answer the title question as simply as possible, we would say yes, of course. Black Friday or Black Friday, as it is also called in Poland, is a day that is slowly trying to appear in our culture. It falls on the last Friday of November and then people willingly visit stores with promotions such as:,black-Friday. There has been a clear upward trend in recent years, which the owners of the stores participating in this campaign are eager to say.

It is enough to turn on the TV set to see that Black Friday in our country is indeed the day when Poles go to the stores in large numbers. There is no denying that the very promise of price reductions attracts people. Taking into account that in the case of Black Friday these cuts are even greater, traffic in stores is necessarily increased. However, it is worth remembering that customers then start fighting for goods, the number of which is always very limited. You must always keep in the back of your head that Poland is not a very wealthy country, and the desire to save up to several hundred zlotys on some products really matters.

Black Friday in Poland is not the same as in the West

As the countries in the West are much richer than Poland, shops naturally have more opportunities. The holiday itself, which is Black Friday, comes from the United States and it is a real day of consumption. It should also be noted that people can take a day off at work for this time, because the reductions are so massive that everyone wants to take advantage of them. However, putting Poland and the United States together, it cannot be said that they are the same worlds. The years of practicing Black Friday overseas have done their job and today it is a true tradition.

Black Friday is becoming more and more popular in our country. From the beginning of November, stores have been conducting information campaigns aimed at preparing the customer for this day to come to the store and buy what he needs. The greater popularity of this holiday in the United States is primarily due to the fact that our “consumerist spirit” is not so advanced. Sure, the stores generate huge revenues, but it comes a bit later when we choose gifts for our loved ones for Christmas.

Right, Christmas. This is the day when we give our loved ones small gifts to show how much we love them. Why not use Black Friday to buy a gift in advance and have one less worry on your mind? So it may turn out that we will save money, but also time, which is often priceless.

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