is boom of heart problems after healing; we reveal what is happening »

Covid: there is a boom in heart problems after recovery; we reveal what is happening

Serious problems even after healingThe COVIDas we have learned over the years, it can bequeath to us major health problems even after positivity. According to a study by the UK Biobank, published in the Heart, Covid can increase considerably the risk of cardiovascular events even serious like heart attack, stroke or blood clots and also the
risk of death in the months following recovery. The risk is highest in the first 30 days, but remains high even after a certain period of time.

The study, as reported by Ansa, showed that Covid patients, 2,700 were hospitalized due to the infection, while about 860 for other causes. The rest of the patients did not need hospital care. It was found that, compared to their peers who had not contracted the virus, those who had it but were not hospitalized for the infection had
almost 3 times the risk to have a blood clot (venous thrombosis) and more than 10 times greater than dying from any cause. Those who were hospitalized due to Covid had a higher risk of all outcomes considered. They had one 27 times greater probability to develop a venous thrombus, 21.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with heart failure and 17.5 times more likely to have stroke.

The risk of atrial fibrillation diagnosis it was nearly 15 times higher, that of pericarditis almost 14 times higher and that of heart attack almost 10 times higher. Most diagnoses of cardiovascular disease, particularly atrial fibrillation, thrombosis, pericarditis and death from any cause, occurred within the first 30 days of infection and among those hospitalized for Covid. The results suggest the opportunity to do a therapeutic prophylaxis based on anticoagulant drugs of at least one week in Covid patients, especially those at risk.

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