Is GTA 6 Coming Out In 2019: A Rumor Or A Reality?


When is GTA VI coming out? This question makes the GTA lovers in a suspense.

Everyone wants to have a slice of GTA VI. Sadly Rockstar has hardly to say about the new GTA VI, and the majority of rumor are at their best. Due to rumors, it is very difficult to say anything or getting to know the reality is so hard. But because of you guys, we have to get to know some valuable points about GTA VI and to share with you GTA lovers.

Back in 2016, we had to know that GTA VI is in production and introduce to their gaming lovers as soon as possible. But this might not be possible because of the production and releasing of Red Dead Redemption as per some reports, This could lead to waiting for all the GTA lovers to 2019. And as per some reports, Rockstar is heavily on concentrating GTA VI online.

More recently, We had been Come to know that GTA VI returns to the vice city and has a major female lead role come out as late as 2022. Or you can say this a big leak.

GTA VI Is Coming Out In 2019: A Rumor Or  A Reality –

The major thing is to discuss with you guys is that GTA VI will be released in 2019 Is just a rumor, because of rockstar recently dismissed the rumor of GTA VI will be released in 2019. But some modders have hacked the pop-up to show that GTA VI will be released in 2019.

As per the (The Know), most recent rumors suggest that it is still 3-4  years away it may be released in 2021-2022



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