Is Icardi too violent in bed?Wanda reveals everything

The player’s wife talks about their first night together.

There is always something to be said for the relationship between Wanda Nala and Mauro Icardi and this time is no exception. The businesswoman participated in the Argentinian TV show “Rumis” hosted by her sister Nara Zairaand answered some questions he raised about his personal life.

First, he told what happened His first night with the Galatasaray striker, with whom he had a friendship at the time. Additionally, he highlighted the problems he faced after that incident.

There must have been 200 women who walked across that mattress, but after me, it was utter devastation. The mattress is no longer useful. I remember my body was sore the next day because I wasn’t used to giving it my all.I take ibuprofen every four hours

Representatives of Argentinian football players also started the game.

Because of their problems, the two are always in the eye of the hurricane.Their relationship quickly went viral.At some point a rumor emerged possible romance Wanda was photographed with Argentinian singer L-Gante, some of her photos with the latter spread around the world.This happened once when they were fighting, it seemed They are going to separate. However, everything fades with the passage of time.

Nara explained the background of the evening.I was still hanging out with football players at that time Maxi Lopez, with whom he has two children.Moreover, he, a businesswoman, is friends with Icardi, so Infidelity is surprising To Maxi.

Listen to this story, because it’s deadly. We are friends. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything about it. I had a falling out with Maxi López and we lived apart, living in the same house but sleeping in different rooms. Mauro was my friend in a crisis that no one knew about, yes, he knew it,

he added.

Another confession from Wanda is about Player modus operandi before submitting. There, he talked about the famous four phones that Icardi owns, which he uses to talk to the women he owns.

There are four because he divided women according to continents. This is crazy. One of them was “ok” and he got a call from the club’s board of directors. The rest are for women,

he emphasized.

Finally, he revealed the strategy he used after everything happened.In this way he tried Keep players’ attention.

I believe that if that night had not happened, nothing that happened to us would have happened. I went to the Disney store and bought her a teddy bear filled with my perfume. Even more poisonous: I left him a letter with the song “Hang in Your Hands” by Carlos Baute,

it’s over.

Do you have a problem with Icardi’s sister?

Footballer’s sister Ivana Icardi talks about The relationship between two celebrities. Participants in the Spanish reality show Big Brother Duo made it clear that their time together showed that this was not a thing. one nightbut nonetheless, they have a chance to maintain their form over time.

They’ve been there for eleven years. It’s not hot in the end, you know? She is his wife. They married in 2014 and have two daughters. They are still together.


In 2022, he made it clear bad relationship With his brother Moreau, in part because of his wife. That’s why his words are surprising.

If my brother doesn’t want to talk to me in order to have a relationship with his wife, then he has every right. This is his life, he sleeps with it, lives with it.I won’t let you choose

He pronounced the sentence.

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