Is Incredible! the Calvary That Adele Lived to Achieve Her New Figure


The singer surprised everyone with a couple of images.

Adele returned to monopolize the headlines of the world and became a trend in social networks, and not precisely because of her voice and her talent for making music.

On this occasion, the British singer is under public scrutiny after her appearance at the party offered by Beyoncé and Jay-Z, after the Oscar Awards.

In the event, she wore a beautiful dress to the body, with animal print, which left everyone with their mouths open.

The reason? The composer and instrumentalist presume a new figure that moves completely away from her image a couple of years ago and which, according to many, is not entirely healthy.

Kinga Rusin, a Polish presenter, uploaded a photograph in the company of the 31-year-old artist on Instagram and commented: “I had to hear her name to know who she was. Honestly, I didn’t recognize her because she is so thin.

The interpreter of “Hello” has not been seen recently before the media or social networks, so much a radical change left everyone speechless.

The personal trainer, Camila Goodis, commented that the reason why Adele has lost so much weight is that she is governed by a strict diet with which she consumes fewer calories than those recommended daily, and performs great physical training.



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