Is Irina Shayk In A Relationship With Tom Brady? She’s on holiday with her ex Bradley Cooper…

All of Irina Shayk’s Instagram posts are eagerly awaited by her 22 million followers and usually get tons of reactions. This is especially true for the latest. This Sunday, the model released a series of vacation photos in which she is seen topless. Nothing special yet. But that same day, in the story, she shared the same photos, except with one of her exes, Bradley Cooper, who will apparently be on vacation with her. Both the personalities were together for 4 years and had a little girl before they parted ways in 2019.

If these photos are raising questions, it’s because the top model would be in a relationship with former American football player Tom Brady. The alleged lovers have been spotted several times. A few weeks earlier, they were remarkably immortalized in London leaving the same hotel five minutes apart. At the moment nothing is official, the main interested party has not confirmed or denied anything. Tom Brady or Bradley Cooper? To be continued in the next episode.

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