Is it a bird? Plane? No, it’s a Chinese train. The Inyniers will attach a wing to it

China is one of the largest countries in the world, which is why intercity transport is important to him. For several decades, it has been investing in the development of railways, which allows for quick movement between cities and has a positive impact on the entire country. Trains in the Middle Kingdom run at speeds of up to 350 km / h. Chinese engineers, however, are still looking for ways to speed up the domestic railroads.

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A train with wings in China. The Japanese had such an idea before

Chinese scientists have proposed adding the wings to the trains. Five pairs for each high-speed rail car, according to the South China Morning Post. Thanks to this solution, the speed of vehicles is to increase by 28.6 percent. – from 350 to 450 km / h.

A similar solution was proposed in 1980 by Japanese engineers. It was abandoned because the wings were too large and prevented the trains from using the then infrastructure. The idea of ​​Chinese scientists differs significantly, however, as the wings are to be mounted on the roofs of the carriages.

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According to the scientists, the wings will also reduce costs and energy needed for transport. They are also intended to extend the useful life of the traction wheels. The project was carried out under the CR450 program. Its aim is to improve the trains in use so that they can travel at a speed of 450 km / h.

A levitating maglev train can travel at a speed of 600 km / h

For two decades, the Chinese have also been working on the development of magnetic levitation trains, known as maglevs. In Shanghai, such a train moves at a speed of 431 km / h.

Work on its next generation is already at an advanced stage. This year, the first maglev with a speed of 600 km / h was built. It is to be put into operation within 5-10 years. The construction of a test line for maglevs is also underway, where new constructions will be able to accelerate up to 1000 km / h.

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