Is it a cold or an Omikron? When to have a smear test?

Although it is not entirely clear why this is so, we get sick more often in winter. Scientists suspect this may be due to the fact that when it is cold, the immune system slows down at least partially, if only because of more frequent vitamin D deficiencies. Another hypothesis is that we spend more and longer periods indoors, where it is easier to “catch”. some virus.

That’s why the peak of flu cases in Poland falls between January and March, then we also often catch a cold. This year, the coronavirus is joining this kit again, probably in the Omikron version.

Omicron, flu or cold? Can symptoms be recognized?

Unfortunately not. All these diseases are infections of the respiratory tract, they are characterized by a low-grade or feverish state, cough, headache, muscle aches. – Remember that it is not the case that the coronavirus gives a clear epidemic picture. That is, it can have very different symptoms, it is difficult to talk about a set of characteristic ailments. Symptoms cannot distinguish coronavirus infection from a severe cold or flu. It is a respiratory infection and the performance of the test determines what it is – explains Prof. Włodzimierz Gut, virologist.

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