is it more or less convenient than radiators?

Autumn is coming to life and with it will bring the lowering of temperatures. In this period millions of Italians start the season of Home heating. There are those who use pellet or wood stoves, fireplaces, and those who opt for faster solutions such as radiators or conditioners.

With i energy price increases climbed to record numbers, organize well how to heat the house it is very important to avoid the risk of very high gas bills. Never like this year has the dilemma if it is more convenient to use the air conditioner or radiators to heat up. Here is the answer.

Air conditioners and radiators: how they work

Both are very popular systems for heating the home in autumn and winter. The air conditioner obviously raises the consumption of electricity, the radiators those of gas. Modern air conditioners now have one inverter technology which allow them to be used both in summer to enter fresh air, and in winter to enter warm air instead. In winter all this is possible thanks to the heat pump which allows you to heat the room quickly.

This is in fact a first strong point of air conditioners, the fact that they have a faster heating capacity than radiators. Their performance is also heavily influenced by external temperature. If it is mild, therefore stable in a range between 10 and 20 degrees as in autumn, they can be very effective with much higher standards than a boiler.

For this reason in the autumn periods such as October, November, but also in the early stages of spring March-April, warming up with an air conditioner is more convenient compared to radiators.

Heating with the cheapest air conditioner in the fall

In this period of the year where temperatures are mild in the hottest hours of the day and then fall in the evening and early in the morning, giving priority to the air conditioner is more convenient. Instead of keeping the heating system on with radiators all day, with the air conditioners it will be enough to keep them on. precise time slots where we need it. And since the outside temperature is optimal to exploit the heating of the air conditioners with maximum efficiency, it would be a real shame not to do so.

The convenience can also be seen in based on consumption. Let’s assume we need to heat a 4-room apartment in the months when it is not yet bitterly cold like October, March and April. Doing this with a boiler and radiators will require about 360 cubic meters of gas which with current prices are equivalent to about € 400.

An air conditioner that is switched on for only a few hours a day can consume about 250 kWh in these 3 months, which is currently equivalent to € 125. So here it is much cheaper.

And in the winter?

Even in winter the choice of air conditioner it may be convenient but with the necessary clarifications. Among the pros of air conditioners is that of reaching the optimal temperature of the room so much faster compared to radiators.

Consequently, it can be used intermittently, saving money compared to a gas system that would have to be on almost all day to keep the temperature constant. Much also depends on the size of the house. If the room to be heated is small, then there is no doubt that the air conditioner is the best choice even in winter. If, on the other hand, the environment is large, perhaps with more than one air conditioner on, it will be necessary to make a correct estimate of consumption. In both cases this year given the increases, warm up with intelligence it is a must.

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