Is it on Netflix?Where to watch Florienta online streaming


One of the most important melodramas in Latin America is the Florienta. For this reason, our spoilers will tell you where you can watch this series.

Florienta is available for online streaming.
Florienta is available for online streaming.

florientaOne of the melodramas created by. Chris Morena The production toured the world, selling out every theater run from 2004 to 2006. One of the most watched movies on streaming today. This is partially due to “Daisy Flower” Its sequel.

Starring in a melodrama Florencia Bertotti, Juan Gil Navarro, Benjamín Rojas, Isabel Macedo, Lali Esposito It succeeded in captivating the public through two seasons. This is why, in addition to Argentina, it is also prevalent in other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay.

This story tells about that life Florence Fazzarino An orphan girl (Florencia Bertotti) begins singing with a group of friends and performs at parties hosted by her brother. nicholas (Nicholas Makes) maia fritzenwalden (Poli Salstro) At the mansion. It is a place where his destiny is forever tied to that of this family.

Where can I watch “Florienta” for online streaming?

Florienta arrived on May 12th on HBO Max, currently one of the most recognized streaming platforms in the world.

What is the plot of the melodrama?

“Florienta” is an Argentinian television series that depicts the life of Florencia, an orphan girl who begins working as a nanny in the Fritzenwalden mansion. In addition, he also performs as a singer in a group with his friends. She falls in love with Federico, the eldest daughter of the family, who returns from Germany to take care of her siblings after the death of her parents., I will explain the official synopsis.

How is the official cast made up?

  • Florencia Bertotti – Florienta
  • Juan Gil – Federico Fritzenwalden
  • Fabio du Tomaso – Count
  • Isabel Macedo – Delfina
  • Benjamin Rojas – Franco Fritzenwalden
  • Lali Esposito – Roberta
  • Nicholas Makes – Nicholas Fritzenwalden
  • Stefano de Gregorio – Thomas Fritzenwalden
  • Agustín Sierra – Martin Fritzenwalden

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