Is it still war between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

The American media wonder if, hidden behind a false name, Angelina Jolie is waging a new battle with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, perhaps to obtain sole custody of the children. Indeed a woman called Jane Doe (a made-up name, chosen to maintain anonymity) has sued the FBI to clarify the investigations conducted in a case of domestic violence that occurred on a private jet a few years ago.

The fact in question perfectly follows what happened in 2016 to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: during a flight on a private jet that brought them home from Europe with their children, the actor had a fight with his eldest son Maddoxthen fifteen years old (and since then not only the two they don’t talkbut the boy also has testified against himia process and no longer wants ihis surname). Immediately after the quarrel, an anonymous complaint triggered the FBI investigation which, however, ended in November of the same year without Pitt being accused of anythingto. Within a few days, however, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce.

Now, therefore, a woman who asked to remain anonymous because she has a «public profile», is looking for information «on the investigation relating to a domestic accident which occurred a few years ago and which involved the plaintiff and her children as victims and witnesses». The quote continues: “The plaintiff, her then husband and their children, who were all minors, they were traveling on a private plane when the man physically and verbally attacked them». An FBI investigation followed, “which was then publicly shut down without further action.” As we can see, the fact coincides with what happened between Pitt and Jolie.

According to what you read above Page Sixthe mysterious Jane Doe says the subpoena was made “to obtain information for the children to receive medical care and counsellinga suitable for i trauma» suffered during the accident. According to insiders, it is “highly probable” that Angelina Jolie is hiding behind the plaintiff, increasingly determined to obtain custody of her 5 children who are still minors: “she is on the hunt for any type of information, something I can use against Brad, to hurt him». The woman’s idea, therefore, is that the investigations have not been conducted in depth or that there is something that has not been made public. But a source assures that both Jolie and Pitt were briefed on everything there was to know when the FBI closed the case.

Amanda Kramer, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jane Doe, says she cannot reveal anything about the identity of her client. An FBI spokesman, for her part, announced that she “cannot comment on an ongoing lawsuit.”

If there really was Angelina Jolie behind Jane Doe it would mean that the war between her and Brad Pitt is far from over and this is demonstrated by the mutual accusations that are increasingly exchanged in courtrooms. For child custody, but not only.

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