Is Jennifer Lopez’s rear guard really secured?

Undoubtedly JLo boasts of having a heart attack buttock

Jennifer Lopez is one of the singers and dancers who have become a legend. And like all celebrities around it, there are hundreds of rumors that many have adopted as real over time. One of them was that JLo had an insurance policy for her butt.

The incredible news seemed so crazy that it could have been real and that the rearguard of the actress has also become a symbol of sensuality. But unfortunately, this is totally false and she confirmed it a few years ago during a television show.

“There is nothing similar. I think there is a place in your homeland [United Kingdom] where you can secure certain things, parts of your body and all that. Seriously, I think it really exists, they told me that. But here [in the United States] I think it does not exist. It would be weird … Let’s see, you can secure your hands. But it would be weird to secure your ass specifically, ”Jennifer explained to host James Corden during one of her Carpool Karaoke shows.

In some specialized pages, they have calculated how much the singer’s buttocks could cost if I wanted to insure them. It is said that in order for the insurance to compensate for a loss of income in the event that JLo suffered an accident that prevented him from continuing to work, the company should indemnify him around  5 million dollars.

In addition, Jennifer Lopez would have to pay a premium of $25,000 annually to be protected in case something happens to her.

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