Is Nihaal Candon Married, Who is her Husband? Who is Mehmet Faruk Cicek, how old is he, where is he from?

After the Dilan Polat and Engin Polat incidents, the two hottest names on the agenda were Bhai Bahar and Nihal Candon. Both were recently arrested and sent to Silivri jail.
An explosive claim was made on the show Haber about Nihal Candon, one of the Candon brothers, who did not like prison food and did not want to appear in the census.

Is Nihal Candon married?

While the details of the incident, which hit the magazine’s agenda like a bomb, were surprising, according to the information of Show Haber, Nihal Candon got married 4 months ago, but he did not share a single post about his marriage. The wedding photos of Nihal Candan, who married businessman Mehmet Faruk Cicek on July 28, were also revealed. While Nihal Candan’s parents were witnesses to the wedding, Nihal Candan’s husband Mehmet Faruk Cicek was the subject of curiosity.

Mehmet Faruk Cicek, who was at home during the detention process and was released after the procedures, left his wife alone during the process and was not with her at any time. This silence of Mehmet Faruk Cicek attracted a lot of attention.


Faruk Cicek, owner of Seyid Logistics and Dame Tobacco, is followed by the public because of his activities in the business world and social responsibility projects. Mehmet Faruk Cicek, who was revealed to be married to Nihal Candan, was a surprise to many. Mehmet Faruk Cicek Dem Tobacco, which closely follows the projects implemented for young people, is one of Turkey’s leading companies in hookah tobacco manufacturing and export. The company exports its products to 15 countries.

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