Is owning Haaland no longer necessary in fantasy?

son hyung-minThe huge captaincy endorsement (£9.4 million) for Gameweek 8 shows a growing number of managers in the Fantasy Premier League have taken the decision erling holland (£14.1 million) may not be necessary after all.

The Tottenham Hotspur star was tipped by more than 1.7 million managers for the trip to Luton Town, while Haaland was handed the armband by 5.2m – his lowest score since his blank Gameweek 32 last season.

But Haaland’s two-point return in Manchester City’s 1-0 defeat at Arsenal left him with 55 points, just four points short of the leader standing behind him. mohammed salah (£12.6 million) and ollie watkins (£8.1 million).

Evaluating against the 2022/23 campaign, when he was the top-scoring player in Fantasy with 272 points, and the winner of the Golden Boot with 36 goals, Haaland has improved his attacking threat.

He is averaging 4.0 shots in the box, compared to 3.3 in 2022/23, while his shots, shots on target and big chances per 90 minutes are also up.

Holland stats per 90
22/23 23/24
Spray 3.5 4.0
shots in the box 3.3 4.0
big opportunities 1.7 1.9
shots on target 1.7 2.0
target change 29.3% 25%

Although his current goal conversion rate of 25 percent is down from 29.5 percent last season, the Norwegian is still getting plenty of chances.

Holland’s last three full seasons
Season club Target Spray target change
20/21 Borussia Dortmund 27 93 29.0%
21/22 Borussia Dortmund 22 80 27.5%
22/23 man City 36 123 29.3%

Haaland’s historic goal record also provides encouragement that he can get back to his best performances.

He has scored 28.6 percent of his shots in his three full seasons as an elite forward, and improvement can be expected, especially when Kevin De Bruyne (£10.2 million) finally returns to action.

In the early stages of 2023/24, owning and captaining Haaland has been a very easy decision for millions of managers.

However, 89 percent of his supporters now have to admit that the player likes request, watkins, His And bukayo saka (£8.6 million) Has established himself as a very strong option.

Salah, Watkins and Saka have missed only once this season and have all eclipsed Haaland’s 6.9 points per start (pps).

Meanwhile, the Tottenham Hotspur forward has averaged 9.2PPS since the move by Anze Postecoglou.

Top Scoring Players in Fantasy 2023/24
score Yes Is Bonus Empty P.P.S.
request 59 5 4 8 1 7.4
watkins 59 4 7 6 1 7.4
holland 55 8 1 6 3 6.9
His 54 6 0 5 5 6.8
Doubt 53 4 3 8 1 7.6

Ultimately, Haaland’s vast ownership in fantasy will continue to drive the decisions of millions of people each gameweek. A huge achievement for the Norwegian would have devastating implications for the manager’s position if his captaincy option falls vacant.

But now eight gameweeks into the season, players like Salah, Son, Saka, Watkins and Kieran Trippier (£6.8 million) has also emerged as an important selection.

Their performances so far suggest that reinvesting the Haaland funds and building a more rounded squad in outfield positions may not be as risky as many had feared.

For more on this hot topic, listen to the latest episode of the Off the Bench podcast below, as FPL experts AZ Phillips and Oscar – aka FPL Focal – discuss what to do with Haaland.


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