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“I am surprised that Paolo Mieliwho is a refined interpreter, stop at simplifications “: the teacher and philosopher Donatella Di Cesare so she turned to the historian and journalist in the study of Corrado Formigli a A clean sweep on La7. The war in Ukraine and the responsibilities of Vladimir Putin’s Russia are on the table. While on the one hand there were those, like Mario Calabresi and Mieli, who condemned the invasion without too many words, on the other hand there were those, like the philosopher, who pushed to understand the reasons for Putin’s gesture.

Putin can no longer go back.  Ukraine, the sentence by Paolo Mieli: What is the real stakes

The words used by Di Cesare, however, did not please Mieli at all. Which then he replied: “First he said ‘propaganda’, then ‘simplification’ … Let’s make a pact, we speak without taking offense“. And again:” The professor spoke without offending her speaks offending. I am not saying to her that she is a propagandist “, continued the historian, referring to the other host of the show, the professor of the Luiss Alessandro Orsini.

Clash between Paolo Mieli and Donatella Di Cesare in PiazzaPulita, here the video

The real goal of China.  Rampini, the axis with Putin to subdue Europe: are we doomed?  |  Video

Still addressing Di Cesare, finally, Mieli pointed out: “Then, you don’t want to call it ‘resistance’, you call them those who resist an invader, okay? “, he commented, referring to the Ukrainian people and armed forces.

Russian occupation of Ukraine?  General Graziano, sensational scenarios: here is what will happen to Vladimir Putin

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