Is The Gray Man 2 With Ryan Gosling Still Happening Or Has The Sequel Gone Underground?

The Russos didn’t just want a sequel to “The Gray Man.” They wanted a whole cinematic universe. One can understand their impulse, given the success they had with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. /Film reported in July of 2022 that the Russos wanted to make a spin-off movie about a supporting player in “The Gray Man” named Avik San, aka the Lone Wolf, the character played by Tamil cinema superstar Dhanush. They also declared an interest in making further sequels with the Sierra Six character, knowing that he appeared in multiple Greaney novels. The Russos were keen to build out a massive, slick, spy universe.

Despite an enthusiastic interest, however, no single sequel has gone into development. It seems the Russos were keen to build out a universe, but hadn’t put together what the next practical step was going to be. Would there be a “Gray Man 2” first or a Lone Wolf film first? How was this expanded universe supposed to…expand? The filmmakers certainly seem to wish for more “Gray Man” movies but, well, if wishes were horses, etc. It’s entirely possible that any perceived delays on “Gray Man 2” are because the filmmakers are involved in a massive brainstorming phase.

Make no mistake, though. Pen is being put to paper as we speak.

Naturally, deals still need to be made. Netflix’s Scott Stuber announced, via, that Netflix would re-team with the Russos’ studio AGBO:

“With ‘The Gray Man,’ the Russos delivered an edge-of-your-seat spectacle that audiences around the world are loving. We’re excited to continue to partner with them and the team at AGBO as they build out’The Gray Man’ universe.”

The Russos and Netflix have every intention of making a sequel happen.

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