Is the number 222571145 calling? Better pick up because the police will knock

The number of infections has been increasing recently SARS-CoV-2, Which is why Chief Sanitary Inspectorate started using the number again 222571145. Through it, the GIS informs about the quarantine. That is why it is so important to answer the call, because it will save you trouble and won’t wake up the local police.

The number 222571145 replaced the previous number 221043705, and from the beginning of November informs you about being quarantined all those who have been in the vicinity of people diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection. Unfortunately, there are complaints on the web that informing about quarantine by phone is a failure and the Middle Ages.

Nevertheless, it is still the fastest and in many cases the most effective form of contact. Of course, always the police may visit youbut it is unlikely to be a pleasant visit.

In addition to the number 222571145, it works again too helpline 222500115. Thanks to it, you can get valuable information about the quarantine status, for example, until when you are in it. GIS can also give you comprehensive information on CoVID-19 and recommend numbers that will help you when your health deteriorates.


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