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Hideo Kojima – known (also) as the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding – has revealed via Twitter that he has finished doing editing say something. It is possible that it is a trailer for his next gamein time for Gamescom 2022.

As fans know, Kojima is used to doing editing of trailers of their own games in first person. The tweet, however, does not specify what it is, so it is not certain that it is really a movie and, in this case, it is not certain that it is from his next game. However, this is a credible possibility, given that we are approaching Gamescom 2022. Specifically, the Opening Night Live of Geoff Keighley – a well-known friend of Kojima, also appeared in Death Stranding in the form of NPC – would be a perfect time to see a trailer .

We know that Kojima is working on a game for Microsoft Xbox, as he himself confirmed. Also, according to rumors, the creative’s next project will be “Overdose”. According to Tom Henderson, Overdose it’s not a Death Stranding sequel, but it will include Mama actress Margaret Qualley.

According to reports, Kojima Productions has two games in development and one of them is the sequel to Death Stranding, which was “confirmed” by lead actor Norman Reedus. As for Overdose, there are no official announcements and we don’t know if it’s the game in development for Microsoft, but Tom Henderson is convinced.

There are therefore various possibilities and the hope of the fans is that Hideo Kojima is finally ready to show what else he has in development. Tell us, would you prefer a new game or Death Stranding 2?

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