Is there a TV series tonight, why not? When is the new episode of Gypsy?

What happened in the last chapter?

The knight cannot contain his anger when Miro arrives after an argument with Ozgur. When Ozgur’s name is mentioned, Geas’s eyes roll and she slaps Miro. Knight, determined to cut Miro out of his life, fires Miro from his job. Knight tells Ozgur that she and Miro have broken up, and Ozgur is very surprised. Ozgur tries to discover Miro’s vulnerability in order to prevent Miro from being harmed. Sera and Geis, who cannot hear from Ozgur, begin to worry. He sees Miro’s motorcycle which hit Serene. Ozgur follows the motorcycle and takes action to defeat Miro. After revealing that Miro killed Seren, Ozgur confronts Miro.

While Knight is concerned about Ozgur’s disappearance, he is also under pressure from Miro. While trying to console Ruzgar, Gess cannot control her anger towards Miro and wants to push Miro away from her. When Miro tries to kick her out of the club, she yells in Miro’s face that she likes Knight Ozgur.

Miro learns about the smuggling when Fikret calls Ozgur and asks him to deliver the fish. Özgür will be in trouble. As bean disease progresses, surgery becomes inevitable. However, his family is not aware of this. Although Kem’s close friend, his doctor, says that he should share this condition with his family, Kem does not want to accept it. Will Varda learn that Kem will have an important surgery?

Miro, who threatens to report Ozgur, does what he says and reports it to the Coast Guard. Although Ozgur doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing, he gets into big trouble and is captured by the Coast Guard from Miro’s tip. What will Özgür do now?

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