Is this the most difficult leg exercise? The Rock can and we?

Leave the worst for last. When the subject is fitness this is the golden rule. Leg exercises are painful, it’s not worth lying, and even the most experienced seem to agree with this statement. Take Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, who saves the hardest exercise for the end of his training session.

The exercise we are talking about is called Pit Shark Squats, which, in Portuguese, is something like shark squats. But what does this really mean? As simple as: squats are accompanied by weights.

The Rock shared a video on Instagram in which he exemplifies how this exercise is done. The actor positions himself in front of a machine with bars attached to the floor, then, secured with a belt, he squats. There is no fixed number of repetitions, but apparently the actor repeats this exercise 6 times – and we bet that at great cost.

But and there’s always a but, for those who want to venture into these squats, know that doing them without weight, or with a lower load, also has its effect. This exercise is great for burning fat, gaining muscle, and working just about the entire body.

Next time you’re training and you don’t want to include your legs in your plan, think twice and even ask yourself this question: Would The Rock do that?

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