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Isabeli Fontana e Di Ferrero are reunited after the singer has coronavirus (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Isabeli Fontana e Di Ferrero are reunited after the singer has coronavirus (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Isabeli Fontana celebrated the reunion with her husband, Di, Ferrero, and in the video on Instagram. After the singer has Covid-19, and being stranded for 15 days of out-of-town, he was discharged and returned home. This Tuesday (may 31), Isabeli showed up with a video in which appears the singing and the hugging of the loved one, to celebrate his return.

“Everything is going to go, and soon, the people around you, to embrace… Happy to be able to go along with it, because it was very difficult to be on my own for 15 days, it was very insightful and thoughtful! Anyone who is feeling this way?”, he wrote the model in the caption of your posting. The song, sung by a couple, it was composed by a musician during the years.

The diagnosis of Di in the midst of a pandemic of a new coronavirus, Isabeli he had to pull away, and stayed away from the children Zion and Lukewith only his dog for company. In her stories, she talked about the loneliness of that period, and it was explained by the absence of a social network.

“Hi, guys, I know that I have favorited, I got a lot of time away. I was in Sao Paulo alone, away from her husband, away from children, it has not been an easy one. When I am well I prefer not to know about social networking at the moment is so gentle. […] We are so social, and it faced it alone, it is not easy,” he said.

The Di confirmed that he was diagnosed with the disease on the 12th of march, by means of their social networks. In the video, he told fans that he was fine and he was already in isolation, but that I was feeling some of the symptoms.

“I’m isolated, I’m going to stay a few more days in isolation. I feel as if I have a cold, even, she was a little out of breath, but now I’m all right,” he said.

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