Isabella Kidman Cruise has adopted a pet lizard

Isabella Kidman Cruise, known simply as Bella, is a daughter of art, adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in 1992. But she lives far from the spotlight and, as a pet, she has chosen a lizard.

Tom Cruise's daughter has adopted a pet lizard
Isabella Kidman Cruise. Credits: Instagram

Dog, cat, hamster, goldfish and sometimes even a pet lizard. The children of stars often stand out for particular choices which, in the best of cases, then set a trend to be emulated like wildfire. And the daughter from Tom Cruise And Nicole KidmanIsabella – never regretted the day he chose to adopt a pet lizard.

Isabella Kidman Cruise
Isabella Kidman Cruise. Credits: Instagram

Isabella Kidman Cruise she turned down her famous dad’s offer when she moved to England in 2017. In the beginning, Tom Cruise had given her the opportunity to live in his luxurious London penthouse whose market value is around 342 thousand pounds. But, being the daughter of not one, but two celebrities, Bella preferred to opt for a quieter solution, favoring the privacy and also the closeness to the in-laws. And so she, together with her husband, took home and a pet.

Tom Cruise’s daughter chooses a lizard as a pet

Despite being the eldest daughter of two Hollywood stars, Isabella Kidman Cruise preferred to flee Los Angeles and find shelter in England, in the name of a quiet life. Together with husband Max Parkerthey took home a Croydon and, as a companion animal, they crossed out the obvious choice like cats and dogs, opting for a reptile.

Isabella Kidman Cruise
Isabella Kidman Cruise. Credits: Instagram

Although Tom Cruise had made one available to them property with Covered pool And viewsIsabella Kidman Cruise opted for the privacy. One of them neighborsuch an Emma, ​​told a The Sun: “I would never have recognized her even if she had come up to slap me. But they have some kind of reptile in the house, I think it’s a lizard, I can clearly see the red light of the tub. This is all we knowor. The girl is very mysterious. I suppose you have decided to live out of the spotlight. But I don’t know why you chose Croydon, poor thing“.

Isabella Kidman Cruise
Isabella Kidman Cruise. Credits: Instagram

It seems therefore that the desire to preserve one’s intimacy has remained intact. Very little is known about the life of Bella and her husband. The marriage it happened in 2015 and the ceremony was reserved for friends and relatives, a few close friends without even mum and dad. Both Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise appear to have had work commitments at the time. Despite having such famous parents, Bella followed another creative path, giving herself to drawing. Her Instagram account is a showcase of her art.

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