Isabelle Carré: who is her husband and Bruno Pessari, the father of her children?

Very secretive about her personal life, Isabelle Carré is one of those French actresses who stays in the shadows and reveals very little. Telly Star tells you more about the person who shares life.

At 52, Isabelle Carré has a busy career. He has proved himself in 30 years of public life in the cinema, but also on the boards and in book writing, she is one of those actresses equally at home in comedyas it happened in 2017 alternating custody With Didier Bourdon and Valerie Boneton, compared to darker filmsas it happened in 2006 in his hands With Benoît Polvoorde. Isabelle Carré would win a César Award for Best Actress in 2003 for her role. remember the beautiful things and for a moliere twice miss els in 1999 and winter under the table In 2004, directed by Zabou Breitman.

If professionally Isabelle Carré is an accomplished woman, she is able to combine her filming and her performances in the theater with a full family life. She shares her life with a man of cinema. When she is in front of the stage, he acts in the shadows. Since 2006, Isabel Carré is married to Bruno PessariFilm Producer and Speakergujarati movies, This production company has launched feature films in which Isabelle Carré has distinguished herself such as The Icing on the Cake, Hearts and Between His Hands. The pair are very discreet and rarely seen, Parents of three children, Antoine (2008), Madeleine (2010) and Clara (2012), they settled in the Basque Country, A remote life away from the hustle and bustle of Paris. ,At any cost in the world, I’d give up the pleasure of hiding so well behind a character”Isabel Carre announced release,

Love life out of sight for Isabelle Carré

with Bruno Pessari, who played so close so Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache have found it Peace in the Basque Country, The couple moved there in 2009.In the Basque Country, we are in the midst of a change of scenery (…) I contemplate there the sea that bursts upon the rocks, the wild and infinite shore of the sea. I’m just resting Elements are powerful. There’s a little Björk side of the Basque Country!Isabelle Carré speculated in the column female version in 2012.

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