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The definitive turning point for Ischia Calcio seems to have finally arrived with the formal and substantial end of the D’Abundo era: yesterday, in fact, the handover of the yellow-blue company from the hands of the owner to those of the new owner, Pino, would have been sanctioned. Cut it off. As we write, we are awaiting confirmation of the passage which, however, is unofficially confirmed by several voices: radio Mazzella says that last night Batman would have started the 2022/23 season of the new yellow and blue company with a closed-door match at the Fondobosso stadium to which they took part of many of the players in the squad in the last championship and Enrico Buonocore, who after the end of his experience on the Cervia bench for several weeks has been coach in pectore of Ischia. It is difficult to accurately reconstruct all the twists and turns of the last few weeks that have brought the former Napoli number one to the chair of the president of the largest football team on the island whose centenary of the foundation is celebrated this year.

As will be remembered, D’Abundo had surprisingly announced his desire to leave the presidency a few days after the defeat of San Marzano which had put an end to Iervolino’s men’s championship and opened up a series of controversies and criticisms of the ‘now former patron who had however brought Ischia from the second category to Excellence and played a good championship with a team of island players only. to intend, in addition to incurable differences of opinion with D’Abundo, to have other commitments outside the island. From May 6, the day of the official departure of the patron of Medmar, a jumble of hypotheses, rumors, gossip about the future of Ischia, a river in flood fed every day by a new name as savior of the homeland Pallonara island.

From Aprea to Scavone, from Montella to a succession of names and nicknames of entrepreneurs, fixers, people and characters in which the square hoped to keep the glorious Ischian association alive. In the end the deus ex machina will be Lello Carlino who has indirectly ensured a fair financial endowment that will allow Taglialatela and Buonocore to be able to participate in the next championship of Excellence. Actually, Batman’s courtship with Carlino had already started last year: on the occasion of the Ischia / Pianura semi-final, the presence in the stands of the owner of the Carpisa and Yamamay brands arm in arm with the Ischian general manager had not in fact gone unnoticed.

Today comes the confirmation of the feeling between the two who from today will have the burden and the honor of building a company and a team that live up to the expectations of the island fans with the decisive contribution of the former goal poet, back from his first experience as a coach; on closer inspection they have already had an advantage since D’Abundo practically gave him the company, not demanding even one euro for the sale and leaving him without any debt. We therefore look forward to knowing the names, programs and ambitions of the new club but in the meantime we cannot help but underline that it took, once again, an entrepreneur from Ischia to keep the Gialloblù dream alive.



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