Ischia Podetti fire, the extinguishing operations will continue indefinitely

The extinguishing of the fire that broke out in the late afternoon inside the Ischia Podetti landfill will continue indefinitely. On the spot the Fire Brigade of the Permanent Corps of Trento with the commander Ilenia Lazzeri and two officials, who are working with the support of several Voluntary Fire Brigade Corps of the Trento District with the Deputy Inspector Giordano Parisi. The President of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Mayor of Trento also attended the operations.

The ongoing operations to contain the fire at the Ischia Podetti landfill [
Foto Corpo permanente Vigili del fuoco Trento]

The flames are limited to the deposit of 560 tons of bulky material located in the square of the structure. The material – explain the landfill managers – comes from the material collection centers and is checked at the entrance stage. The flames have developed in the central part of the deposit and the fire brigade is taking care of their containment using water drawn from the Adige river. Several mechanical shovels are in action with the aim of dividing the mass of waste into two blocks, in order to facilitate the extinguishing of the fire and avoid the risk of the entire deposit being affected by flames.
The staff of the Forestry Corps of the Trento District and the Trento Monte Bondone local police have provided for the closure of the cycle path that runs alongside the landfill for safety reasons.



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