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The defense of the village of Ischia Ponte has always been one of the cornerstones of the public administrative commitment of Giovanni Sorrentino, as mayor yesterday and as a majority councilor today. The lighting of Piazzale Aragonse required an upgrade of the systems to be carried out in a short time. Here comes the immediate and effective interest of Giovanni Sorrentino, who makes the mayor Enzo Ferrandino a participant in the problem.

There is an immediate collaborative understanding between the two which leads to the resolution of the problem in a short time. The fact is that from today the square overlooking the Castle in Ischia Ponte has been enriched with a new type of modern street lamps with three powerful lamps installed safely by the company in charge of the work. Giovanni Sorrentin thanks the mayor Ferrandino for having supported him in this specific case. The popular Giovanni Sorrentino already holder, in over 45 years of active militancy, of all administrative positions in the chief town, now boasts 82 years, carried with the air of a political fighter of race and front line, always ready for new challenges. He found his well-deserved space in the civic forum, as a reward, we can say, to his long political career at the Municipality, made up of constant relationship with the people, of assiduous commitment to all the problems of the country, above all in the name of honesty and of unparalleled tenacity. After all, Giovanni Sorrentino has already held the office of Mayor twice voted directly by the City Council, he has been several times councilor, deputy mayor and president of the City Council as well as having chaired or been part of various municipal commissions of delicate sectors of the administrative life of the Municipality , especially that of public and private construction.

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