Ischiboni (LazioPress): “Juric is right, Lazio’s staff has improved”

In view of the match on Saturday afternoon against Lazio we had a chat with those who know the Biancoceleste team well

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On Saturday afternoon, Torino will host Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio, it is not an easy challenge for Ivan Juric’s Turin, but they will want to give continuity to Monza’s victory in the first round. To learn more about the form of the Biancoceleste team, we had a chat with Matteo Ischiboni from who kindly agreed to indulge in our microphones and who was able to introduce us to this match in the best possible way.

Hello Matteo, how are Lazio from a physical point of view? The first match was a success against Bologna even if it was not an easy match.

“At the moment Lazio are doing well from both a physical and moral point of view. The last match was able to recover against Bologna. It was a strange situation, I was at the stadium and I saw a victory that can boost morale. From a physical point of view, I saw a team prepared and ready “.

The challenges between Turin and Lazio are never trivial between goals scored in full recovery and a Ciro Immobile who often scores goals from the former.

“Immobile immediately seemed in shape, in front of goal he is always devastating and dangerous with his winning goals. When he faces Torino then he often manages to score goals from the former and this can undoubtedly be a danger for Juric’s defense. I would definitely keep an eye on you were him “.

At the end of the Monza match, which Torino won, Juric said that against Lazio it will be very complicated because it is a team that has strengthened and is in its second year of work with Sarri, is it really like that?

“Yes, he is right in my opinion this is a better Lazio from the point of view of the staff. There are now several choices on the bench and a balanced market has been made between young talents and experienced players. Casale and Cancellieri have arrived who are more young people and players with international experience such as Romagnoli and Vecino. In my opinion there is still a deputy Immobile and a left-back who could complete this squad well. “

The situation Luis Alberto how is it going? Will he play against Taurus?

“He is always waiting for Sevilla, even if for now it doesn’t seem very close to being sold. This is already the second year that in the summer there are these market rumors that destabilize him and that suggest a goodbye. Then when the championship resumes the situation is He stabilizes and starts talking about the pitch again. The first against Bologna I think he did not start as a starter for these reasons because perhaps he did not give his best, however he is available against Torino except for news from the market.

Who are the two or three Lazio players that a Torino fan should fear the most for this match?

“I would like to say Immobile as already mentioned and also Lazzari who against Bologna seemed in a devastating physical form. On the right wing of Lazio many dangers arose for Bologna and he also caused the expulsion and own goal. also Milinkovic-Savic who didn’t have a great first game but is always dangerous “.

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