Ishaan Kishan sold for 15.25 crores said – ‘I got so much money that my father reached the hospital’

Wicket-keeper batsman Ishan Kishan has been bought by the Mumbai Indians team for 15.25 crores during the IPL Mega Auction. Ishaan Kishan attended Gaurav Kapoor’s show Breakfast with Champions and spoke openly on all the questions related to IPL, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni. During this, Ishaan Kishan told that his father had reached the hospital for the first time when he joined the Mumbai Indians team for 6 crores.

Ishaan Kishan said, ‘I was chillout, the auction was mine, I should have been in stress. I was out with my friends, we were playing football. When the auction was done, I got a call from Monu Bhai, he told me that I got good money. Then when I went home, my mother was engaged on the call, her cheeks were red. I saw papa, papa was not there at home, I asked where is papa? Mother said that she has gone to the hospital to get BP checked. Saying this Ishaan Kishan laughs.


Ishan Kishan also said on Rohit Sharma’s captaincy: Speaking on the captaincy of Hitman Rohit Sharma, Ishaan said that Rohit Bhai’s mind keeps running throughout the match. Ishaan said that Rohit used to abuse only once during the match and used to say after the match that this happens during the match, taking no serious opinion. This style of captaining Rohit bhai is absolutely cool.

Dhoni talks to the bowler and I get upset: Ishan Kishan said that he keeps watching Dhoni’s mind more than his wicketkeeping. Ishan Kishan said, ‘You will not believe what I was under stress in IPL.

I was playing well and hitting the bowlers fiercely. But, Dhoni talked to the bowler Imran Tahir and it started running in my mind that what would Dhoni bhai have talked to him. Then after hitting a drive, the spinner was out in the direction of short third man.

Ishaan Kishan narrated the story of the viral video: Ishaan Kishan also spoke on that viral video during this interview when he was blown away after seeing Sachin Tendulkar in front. Ishaan Kishan said that when he came to the dressing room, the abuse came out of his mouth.

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Ishan Kishan said that he had not seen that Sachin Tendulkar was also sitting there. Later, when he saw Sachin, he quickly took off his glasses and wished good afternoor to Sachin.


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