Island hopping in Sweden: escaping from the heat, from one island to another, north of Gothenburg

Imagine eight thousand and more islands, which can be as small as rocks or as large as Elba. Imagine them of hard granite that shine in the sun or that are tinged with rain, covered in flashes of small houses with a double sloping roof, as in the talescolored red, blue, yellow, sometimes purple.

Along the coast covered with endless expanses of birches, imagine small prehistoric men who carved that gray granite between 3000 and 2000 years ago, covering it with ships, animals and human figures. Among the islands that sail on the blue sea, imagine ancient wooden ships and warriors with light hair and intertwined beards. And still long rainy winters, where the snow reaches the sea and the granite rocks are covered with white to form an enchanted Nordic landscape that can be admired for just under 300 kilometers that, along the E6, connect Gothenburgin Sweden, and Oslo, in Norway.

You are in Bohuslänthat wonderful coastline punctuated by unpronounceable names: MarstrandSkärhamn, Tjörn, Mjörn, OrustKäringön, Smögen, Fjällbacka, Strömstad. Each of them is a small treasure chest of beauty, Marstrand with the enchanted castle that overlooks it, Orust with its birch trees that touch the sky, Smögen with its marina and the wooden walkway that escorts it to the open sea, Fjällbacka with the noir charm of the Camilla Läckberg set among its houses overlooked by the mountain, Käringön with its fishing museum and the long promenade that winds rock after rock, Strömstad from where you begin to feel Norway coming.

Among the islands of the archipelago, between Vikings and breathtaking views, starting from Gothenburg

Rocky but not mountainous, thecoastal archipelago of Bohuslän it is the perfect destination to leave behind the fiery Italian summer. It welcomes you, at the end of July, with a daily average of 20/25 degrees, nights that drop down to 16 ° and a sunset that lingers until 11.00 pm, leaving you time to savor its reflections on a granite coast that seems to become d silver with the setting of the sun. It starts from Gothenburg, queen of the county of Västra Götaland founded in 1621 by King Gustav II Adolfo. Last year it turned 400 but, due to covid, the celebrations will take place in 2023. Ours island hopping between the islands of the archipelago, this happy wandering among islands and islets full of charm and beauty, starts right from here, from the city that makes sustainability its pride, so much so that it has won the first place in the Global Destination Sustainability Index and have been indicated by Lonely Planet 2022 as the best city in the world in the eco-friendly stay category.

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