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At Che Tempo Fa ?, the program conducted by Fabio Fazio, Orietta Berti said she was abandoned by her husband Osvaldo. The funny episode took place in a motorway restaurant. These were the words of her: “She did gasoline, I was in the back sleeping. I got off to go to the bathroom, he got in the car and drove away, thinking I was still there sleeping

From rumors, it has been said for some time that Rossella Brescia should lead Striscia la Notizia with Sergio Friscia. But when? The two are a crazy couple at RDS. Antonio Ricci, wake up …

Mara Venier took home the umpteenth success of Domenica In which closed the episode with an average of 21% share. On Canale 5, on the other hand, Scenes from a Wedding by Anna Tatangelo totaled 10% share, while Verissimo by Silvia Toffanin 14%. But who beats the aunt?

Il Calipso is a new concept of restaurant and cocktail fish bar. Gianluigi casati, former owner of the Osterìa Valtellina and the prestigious Caffe Moderno in Monza with his partners and with Cristiano ingenuity in the new company, has created this new magical place in Milan. Many celebrities are expected to open towards the end of May, including, apparently, Bond Girl Lea Seydoux, who have called him Calypso after the Nereid that will give you your head and you can’t live without.

On the Isola dei Famosi, nominated Edoardo Tavassi, nominated by Roger Balduino after the test leader, Maria Laura De Vits, in love (in two days!) With her son Carmen Di Pietro, Alesssndro, voted by the leader Guendalina, Lory Del Santo, nominated by the group and Marco Cucolo nominated by the two leaders together at the end of the episode.
On the Island of the Famous final break between Nicolas Vaporidis and Edoardo Tavassi who fell in love with Mercedesz Henger: a quarrel over fish. Nicolas reproached the other for letting the fish escape so much that the columnist Vladimir Luxuria said: “I knew that scarecrows exist, but not scarecrows.” Irony on the net also about Clemente Russo who said: “I’ll take the fish”.

His wife Laura Maddaloni, eliminated and sent to Playa Sgamada, is rightly accused by Vaporidis of having rigged the test of the last episode. In the end Nicolas and Tavassi made peace thanks to Mercedesz Henger.
And in order not to miss any double meaning, Luxuria always defines the three new castaways, Mercedesz Henger, Maria Laura De Vitis and Fabrizia Santarelli, the latter sent to Playa Sgamada, the three “shipwrecks” …

Ilary Blasi and Alvin, envoy of the Island of the Famous, can’t stand each other anymore. Last night he asked her to explain her evidence as she intervenes too much in her speeches. Attempts underway to mend relations between the two.

The Pupa and the Nerdy. During the last episode there was a twist that left the audience glued, so to speak, to the television. Elena Morali receives an unexpected surprise from her boyfriend, Luigi Favoloso. Nina Moric’s ex is in the studio and, on her knees, utters these words: “I love you and I wanted to tell you in every way. I think you made me fall in love for the second time and I think you will make me fall in love every day ”. But are we serious?
From Madrid to Seville, from the Tabernas Desert to Granada, to Valencia: three crazy women, together for the first time, on the best holiday of their life. “Those Brave Girls” is the new reality show of an ordinary holiday on the road in Spain with Orietta Berti, Mara Maionchi and Sandra Milo. With them a handyman driver Alessandro Livi. Orietta Berti: “Expect more of everything!”. Appointment on Sky and streaming on NOW from Thursday 19 May. They will travel in a shoking pink and leopard-print black van. Present at the press conference was the great Daniela Iavarone who recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award to Sandra Milo.
At the press conference to present the reality show, Sandra Milo candidly said she was 89 and that she doesn’t mind if they call her old. Originally the program was to be titled “The three old women” and not “Those good girls”. In the reality show Orietta Berti, perfidious, says to a musician talking about Sandra Milo: “Do you know Fellini? She was his lover ”.
It seems that the cause of the break between Manuel Bortuzzo and Lulú Selassié is her sister Jessica who always intervened between the two. Here is what Maria La Rosa aka Monsè says (as her business card says!): “When Lulu criticized me, there was Jessica who fed her all the words. There is a particular situation in that family. Jessica suggests the sisters what to do. There is a video in which Jessica is seen saying to the younger ‘Lulu is with Manuel you have to get with Samy so hard in the game … “
In a reality show currently on the air, a woman is actually a trans. Comparing the current photos and those from the past, we notice that she no longer has an Adam’s apple. And the boyfriend likes …
But who is that obscure and unknown female presence who manages to place female and male escorts in various reality shows and television programs? Help: you are of the same nationality as you recommended.

Between Antonella Elia and Alfonso Signorini today there seems to be no rancor, but the news of not having been reconfirmed as a columnist at the GF Vip was not welcomed by Elia. “They were kind, they told me: ‘We prefer to change’. But for me it was a failure, I didn’t feel appreciated “. The adventure as a judge at La Pupa and the Nerdy Show has also come to an end. And now she praises Barbara D’Urso.
Vintage gossip. James Dean would have been madly in love with Ursula Andress so much that one evening he showed up at her house climbing the walls up to the window. But she closed the window and didn’t let him in. She was already married to John Derek.
Venezia da Vivere Thursday in honor of a great pen: friends and colleagues celebrate Luciana Boccardi at Ca ‘Giustinian, home of the Venice Biennale. Lashing pen and flaming eyes, witness to the birth and evolution of Italian fashion and its main interpreters, Luciana Boccardi is the first to have brought fashion to Venice and the fashion shows in Piazza San Marco.

Massimo Alparone, formerly Mr Universo Fitness and expert and wellness consultant, after the success of Buongiorno Estate, returns to Rai 2 with Star Bene, 6 episodes from May 14th, for six weeks, every Saturday at 9.35 am. The new entertainment and dissemination program on correct lifestyles, led by Livio Beshir, will always start with a story that will be the starting point for developing a debate with wellness professionals, including Massimo Alparone, defined by the media as the Tailor of the body. , bodytailor, for its internationally recognized and unique method.

Alparone is Academic Teacher, Athletic Trainer, Technical CONI, Luxury Wellness Consultant, master in. nutraceutical and localized slimming is the creator of a revolutionary concept and fitness programs. Movement manager and great motivator, and always aims at the well-being of the person.

Its Luxury Wellness Club Versilia in Viareggio is a unique format in the world for set-ups and training programs,

At Star Bene, directly from Palazzo Fiuggi, a temple of wellness located on top of an ancient hill, in a private park of 8.5 hectares, 700 meters above sea level, will dispense advice, to achieve the right harmony of the body, but also a correct balance at 360 degrees and will tell, through his experience, all the secrets, advice, anecdotes to feel better about ourselves and with others.

Alparone, athletic and physical trainer and coach in the lifestyle sector, has also collaborated with Fabio Cannavaro, Emanuela Barilla, Jury Chechi, Massimiliano Rosolino, Amaurys Perez, with the Gucci family and many other names in the jet set and is the person who won most of all in fitness – Mister Italia, Europe, Mister Mondo and Mr Universe in the Fitness category. He is founder and President of the Yacht Personal Trainer Academy®️, the first training academy for Personal Trainer for large yachts and CEO of the Luxury Wellness Club®️ brand and format.

From VIPs to regular folks, everyone relies on her experience to achieve a sculpted body. Mother tennis player, father engineer, he followed his passion, sport and today he is also a well-known consultant for companies that want to develop innovative and functional products in the food, fashion and aesthetics sectors, dedicated to wellness.

Alparone is also the creator of a training kit, WD Functional, which he has patented, and can train in any location with the first less bulky portable gym in the world, thanks to which over 110 exercises from the world of physical culture can be practiced.

If his YPT Academy, dedicated to the world of luxury, also provides training on etiquette, use of privacy, dress code – just to name a few – on Rai 2 everyone can follow his advice on lifestyle, well-being, nutrition, physical fitness, real mission for a made in Italy expert that the whole world envies us.

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“Star Bene” is a branded content produced by Michele Romano’s Seven More in collaboration with Rai Pubblicità.

“Star Bene” is written by Svevo Tognalini, Beatrice Miano, Luigi Miliucci, Tommaso Martinelli and Sacha Lunatici. The direction of the program is signed by Arturo Minozzi

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