Island of the Famous, Nicolas Vaporidis wins: the final report cards. Photo and video

The actor outperformed the competition. Disappointment Carmen Di Pietro, the other who had the favor of the forecasts. Thus the curtain falls on the longest edition ever (99 days): And luckily there was Ilary Blasi …

It is the island of surprises as well as that of confirmations: the castaway-alpha, the superfavorite, Nicolas Vaporidis, who landed in Palapa determined to triumph over the other competitors and over the old himself, the introverted Nicolas, wins the 16th edition of the Canale 5 reality show left in Italy. It is he who takes home the prize money of 100 thousand euros. It was expected to see him in the final match against Carmen Di Pietro, the woman with what it takes to send home the most testosteronic males of the group. Instead, Luca Daffrè was playing with the actor, facilitated in the task by the exit of Edoardo Tavassi, a competitor loved by the public who could win but who had to retire to the semifinal due to a knee problem (strange: yesterday he walked very well in study). After 99 days of hunger, after 25 episodes of fights, fratricidal wars, alliances, strategies, spite, tears, sweat and laughter, the curtain falls on the longest edition in the history of the Island of the Famous – photo | video

Relive the entire edition of the Island of the Famous – look

NICOLAS VAPORIDIS – His first weeks as a castaway were marked by quarrels and the propensity to argue with everyone. The fabric of the winner was well hidden but slowly emerged with the ability to question himself and transform himself into a less edgy man: «« Here I have overcome my fears and I have discovered that I like myself ». Nicolas, 40, was the predestined one. Become famous thanks to the films of Fausto Brizzi Night before the exams (2006); Night before exams – Today; Males against females; Females against males, he had left the entertainment world and after a long period of crisis he had opened a restaurant in London. In 2012 he got married to Giorgia Surina but they divorced in 2014, a painful farewell for both. On the island he has changed and his victory is deserved. Vote: 9

LUCA DAFFRÈ – He only arrived on the playa on May 16, a significant advantage. Ex swimmer, model, ex temptation on Temptation Island and suitor of Men and Women. At the last bars of the game he revealed a more emotional part of himself that we did not know: “Mum and dad are my strength,” says Luca in tears and, seized by shame, adds: “I never cry”. «My parents separated when I was 17 but they did everything they could not to make us feel this distance then my mother had to go away because she had to be treated. I thank Dad for how she raised me and I want to tell my mother that she doesn’t have to feel guilty. ‘ And here is the first of the surprises: his dad appears in Palapa. The hugs, the kisses, the “I love you” are triggered. Vote: 7

CARMEN DI PIETRO – She is the third classified but she too won a bit because she made us have fun. Carmen wrenched our smiles with her invented Italian (“I feel good stomach”), with her crazy rules as a mistress (“my son Alessandro lifts my furniture when I vacuum”), with his difficulty in controlling the hunger (“I put food first, then my children”). But, beware, she is not just a speck. Di Pietro is very clever, she knows that playing Cetto La Any, it works. Is it there or does it do it? Both. She only risked the public’s affection when she exaggerated her morbidity with her victim-son Alessandro. Surprisingly, she too received a visit from Alessandro himself. “Here I discovered a resistance I didn’t know I had,” she says. The first time she participated in the island, in 2004, she lasted 15 days, due to hunger. Vote: 8

Carmen Di Pietro and the son who leaves the island to study – exclusive interview

MERCEDESZ HENGER – He places fourth but takes home an unexpected victory: his mother, Eva Henger, has apologized for the two years of disagreements that have kept them away: «I’m so sorry, it’s my fault. I should have gotten closer to you and worked things out another way, ”Henger tells her. “Did my mother apologize?” I want to run to her », Mercedesz’s eyes widen as her mother talks about her connected from Rome. Another triumph of kisses and tears. “I bring home an even greater hunger for love than the one I entered with,” admits the castaway who has navigated between romance and strategy. Strong, cheerful and strong-willed, she could snatch a second prize from destiny: the love of Edoardo Tavassi. On the island they got closer, met, studied. She, very fast. Him with the handbrake on. «When she arrives in Rome I invite her to dinner and let’s see how she eats», jokes Edoardo in the studio. Vote: 7

MARIALAURA DE VITIS – Eliminated because of “his” Luca (Daffrè) who drags her with him to the televoting flash that sends her home. She too receives an unexpected visit: that of her mother. Something inside her moves and says: «Here I learned to feel free. I am reborn. For me it is important that my mother perceives that I am serene because in the past I had dark moments, I hit rock bottom, I was a pile of bones but then I said to myself, “I deserve to live”. Now I want to shine. I feel like a star ». To “punish” her too much ambiguity in her relationship with Luca: “If I have to choose between you and winning the game, I choose to win,” admitted Marialaura. The naivety on the island pays off. Vote: 7

NIC LUCIANI – The shrill voice of the country cousins ​​is immediately eliminated on televoting. Its true nature has remained a mystery: is it a volcano that hatches under the ashes or is it a mild that is mild? And then: how did he keep his platinum blonde hair on the Island if he has a gray beard? He brought the paint. He has lost 18 kilos, a good health achievement, other than the podium. Vote: 6

ILARY BLASI – For the night of the final she dresses up as an ice queen (remember Emily Blunt as Freya?): Chic in optical white. Too bad for the “collar” of stones that imprisons her neck and blocks her chin. Also in this edition Ilary wanted to play with the look, between the search for novelty, fun and self-satisfaction (how much you like it!). Her mix of impudence, spontaneity and genuine playfulness gave her the right sprint to keep the shack up and give rhythm to the program. She has understood that fooling her makes her more human and more sympathetic. Her true nature, however, comes out when she harasses her envoy, Alvin. A real hyena. Vote: 9

All the looks of Ilary Blasi – look

VLADIMIR LUXURIA AND NICOLA SAVINO – The real winners. They kept us entertained for three months. Without them we would not have survived the sleep of the boring quarrels between castaways and the reward tests. Vlady the transformer used self-irony to disguise herself now as a fairy, now as a young lady good evening and yesterday as the rainbow flag in homage to the month of Pride. Vlady used her intelligent sensitivity to investigate the soul. She was a sniper: there is no jealousy, backthinking, misdeed or strategy that has escaped her. One by one he unmasked all the castaways. She is perfect next to Savino, one who has the sense of the sentence, the fulminating rhythm of the joke, the speed of the born comedian’s neurons. Excellent. Joint vote: 10

TELEVOTO – The invisible and most mysterious protagonist of all the islands, reality shows, television games. Who controls the results? What rules could prevent you from paying a thousand people to vote for a competitor? There would be more to investigate.

PS. A prayer: why does the famous Island end at 1.45am? The poor viewer who is passionate must choose whether to see the entire episode or whether to go to work the next day. Petition: close at midnight. The share will increase, layoffs will decrease and Ilary’s feet will no longer hurt.

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