Island of the Famous, Roger Balduino’s secret bomb emerges: Ilary Blasi upset!

Roger takes advantage of the episode of L’Isola dei Famosi to wish a special person a wish, thus revealing his secret on live TV.

Over the last bet de The Island of the Famous there was certainly no shortage of twists and turns the official farewell of Jeremias Rodriguezthe time has also come to discover a secret bomb relating Roger Balduino. The beautiful model, in tears, confessed the whole truth to Ilary Blasi, who was shocked. Here’s what happened and what the castaway is hiding.

Island of the Famous, Roger cries in despair: the secret has been revealed!

In sixteenth edition of L’Isola dei Famosi there is never a moment of relaxation. The castaways are more aggressive than ever and never miss an opportunity to clash, especially during live shows on Channel 5 when the tension rises and the Nomination they put everyone in crisis. During the last episode, after the confession on burns by Roberta Morisewe have witnessed an unexpected abandonment, that of Jeremias Rodriguez who admitted that he was no longer able to live his adventure in serenity Hondurasto the point of wanting to leave the game, perhaps also discouraged by the unfavorable outcome of the televoting.

But Jeremias he was not the only one to give a twist worthy of the first page. During the moment dedicated to secret nominations, Roger Balduino he asked Ilary Blasi to be able to wish a “special friend” named Endrick, then bursting into tears and not a little alarming the presenter, who tried to understand the reason for this suffering. The beautiful model, cornered by the Roman presenter, could not help but reveal his secretassuming you have a 11 year old son but of not being able to talk about him on television for legal reasons.

“Yes Ilary is my son is the truth. He is 11 years old, no one knew I had a son. I can’t speak I can’t. I want to congratulate him and tell him that I miss him too much – Biccy reports – The fact is that I love him so much, he is too important to me. Unfortunately I can’t talk about it because otherwise his mother gets angry with me and I’m in trouble, it’s a legal matter, you know. If I can feel it? I always hear him, every day and I can even go and see him in Brazil if I want. Here at L’Isola dei Famosi for a legal question I can’t talk about it “.

The reaction of Blasiwho comforted the castaway by assuring him that the message would reach Endrick, and an explosive reaction from the people of the web who started wondering who the mother of the child and why it imposed a Roger not to talk about the issue on TV.

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