Israel: A colleague from a unit shot two officers by mistake

It was a tragic accident. Two Israeli officers were killed by mistake by their teammate in the West Bank.

The base of the elite Egoz unit where the incident took place is located in the Jordan Valley.

According to the Times of Israel, two officers on patrol spotted the suspicious figure late Wednesday night. They tried to arrest her by calling for her to stop and then firing into the air. Then someone from their unit heard the shots and decided that they were aimed at him General Offered Winter, commander of the 98th Division, which includes Egoz, said on Thursday.

A third officer shot his colleagues, mistaking them for a threat. Military men died as a result of their wounds.

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Ran Kochaw described the incident as “painful and unfortunate.” He added that the military is investigating the circumstances of the incident, but also expresses its condolences to the officer who inadvertently killed his colleagues.

We must (…) show him that we care for him, that we protect him. His friends died as a result of an unfortunate coincidence – Kochaw noted.

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