Israel and Hamas war: Four brothers killed in West Bank blame Israeli troops for attack on ‘group of unarmed civilians’


4 brothers died in the attack.

  • author, Lucy Williamson
  • Role, BBC News Correspondent Al-Shuhada West Bank

Israel has been accused of attacking a group of Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank who, according to witnesses, had no links to armed groups and posed no threat.

seven men, their four brothersThey were killed in an Israeli airstrike on the morning of January 7 as they gathered around a bonfire beside a road passing through the village of al Shuhada, 10 kilometers from the city of Jenin.

The BBC spoke to relatives of the victims, witnesses who were in the area and a paramedic at the scene.

All of them provided evidence that they were not members of armed militant groups and that there were no conflicts with Israeli forces at that time and location.

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