Israel and Palestine. 157 countries supported the UN resolution

The resolution is part of a package of 16 resolutions that will be approved by the UN General Assembly later this year.

All European Union countries supported the provisions of the project. A total of 157 countries supported him. The seven countries that opposed the resolution were Canada, the United States, Israel, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau. 14 countries, including Australia, abstained from voting.

“The US remains disappointed with the passing of a resolution that is unfairly critical of Israel, demonstrating a clear and persistent institutional bias against a single member state,” said the US representative to the Assembly.

The Palestinian representative, on the other hand, commented on the result of the vote: “The resolution is a clear signal of international support for the Palestinian people and calls for Israel to stop the shameful exploitation of our land and water resources, as well as destroying our agricultural land and harming our environment, including by removing its own waste to the occupied territory of Palestine. “

The Israeli representative said the world struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and hunger “should not waste time on documents like the last resolution.”

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