Israel: “Hezbollah is dragging Lebanon into an unnecessary war only for Hamas”

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari delivers a speech

Three months after brutal attack Hamas in the south Israel, Tensions on the northern border with Lebanon are rising by the hour. Hezbollah, a terrorist organization funded by Iran and operating in the region, began carrying out attacks on October 7 in support of Palestinian terrorists.

“Hezbollah is dragging Lebanon into an unnecessary war on behalf of Hamas. Hezbollah seeks to escalate despite the unnecessary disruption it may inflict on the Lebanese people. In addition to causing unnecessary suffering to the people of southern Lebanon. for what?For the benefit of Hamas,” denounced Major General Daniel Hagarispokesman for the Israel Defense Forces.

“For those who are dragging the area into unnecessary escalation. Our message is clear: The people of Israel, the people of Gaza, the people of Lebanon, and the entire region deserve a future of peace, progress, and prosperity, not the death and destruction that Hamas and Hezbollah seek.“.

He added: “We have a responsibility to defend our people, if not through diplomacy then through force. The diplomatic window may be short, but it remains open.

he Hamas attacks Israel in coordinated and synchronized actions on October 7 These include airstrikes and the infiltration of hundreds of terrorists from Gaza into southern Israel.

They murdered 1,200 people In a bloodthirsty attack: They burned down houses with people inside, executed entire families, beheaded and burned babies. They mutilated and raped their victims and took more than 250 hostages to the Gaza Strip. That day, Hamas terrorists displayed the corpses of civilians and soldiers on the streets of Gaza.

The main victims were residents of kibbutzim in the south of the country and hundreds of young people who attended rallies. Peace Music Festival, Supernovanear the border of the Las Vegas Strip.

Hamas holds 129 hostages kidnapped in Gaza Strip (Reuters)

After the attack, war broke out in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces first conducted aerial bombardments and then launched ground operations in the northern strip. The Israel Defense Forces have repeatedly requested the evacuation of civilians through various means, but terrorist groups have used schools, hospitals and residences as bases of operations. Hamas has historically remained hidden among civilians.

back Qatar Mediationwith the cooperation of the United States, IIsrael, Hamas agree to trade Palestinian prisoners for hostages Be charged and/or convicted of a terrorism offence.

The truce began on November 24 and lasted for seven days, during which Hamas released 113 hostages. Relations between Israeli women and children and foreign abductees. In exchange, Israel handed over dozens of Palestinian prisoners and allowed more humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip.

Seven days after the ceasefire, on December 1, Hamas violated the ceasefire agreement. He fired rockets from the Gaza Strip but did not provide another list of people who might be released. There are still 129 hostages in Gaza, including the youngest 11-month-old Argentine-Israeli baby Kfir Bibas kidnapped by terrorists.

After the ceasefire ended, Israel resumed operations and expanded its ground offensive south of the Gaza Strip, where house-to-house fighting is ongoing. The goal is to end the Hamas terror group, kill its leaders and destroy the vast network of underground tunnels built in the Gaza Strip that allow terrorists to hide, store weapons and hide hostages.

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