Israel. New archaeological finds in Jawne

In turn, the American platform Daily Beast announced on November 15 that the ruins of a winery and jewelry factory from the Byzantine period, around the 7th century, had been discovered in the same city.

Located on the plain of Sharon by the Mediterranean Sea, the Yavne appears in the Bible for the first time in the Book of Joshua (15:11) in connection with the conquest of Canaan by the Jews. After the Romans destroyed the Jerusalem Temple in 70 AD, the city became the seat of the Sanhedrin, which was then led by Rabbi Ben Zakkaj. It has to do with the beginnings of the so-called Rabbinic Judaism, which culminated in the synod of rabbis in Jawno from around 90-95. the Jewish canon of Scripture, rejecting those books which were written after 400 BC. This date was considered to be “the end of the activity of the prophets of God YHWH.”

Representatives of the Israel Antiquities Authority, quoted by Reuters, believe that these latest discoveries are “like a direct voice from the past, when the Jewish authorities tried to save and preserve (religion and culture), including fragments of the (demolished) Jerusalem Temple” “.

In turn, Dr. Elie Haddad of the same Office commented on the discovery of the 7th century finds: “We were amazed to discover such a large plant that produced wine on a market scale. Moreover, the exquisitely carved niches in the winery suggest the wealth of the owners of this winery. Let us not forget, that everything was done by hand at the time, producing about 2 million liters of this drink annually. “

In the same place, among others, beautiful ring with amethyst. According to Haddad, who led the excavations, “this ring may have belonged to the factory owner and could have had healing and sanitary properties.”

The Greek word “amethustos” means “sober”, and sobriety was something very desirable at a time when – as the Daily Beast commented – people drank a lot of alcohol, considered medicine and hygiene. The Bible also mentions amethyst as a “holy stone”, incl. in the Apocalypse of St. John (21:20). Perhaps that is why it was used to decorate bishop’s rings during this period and was considered a “symbol of spiritual balance and creative thinking”.

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