Israel receives missile attack from Gaza.Hamas claims responsibility for attack

Gaza militants entered Israeli territory this Saturday, shortly after a series of missiles killed at least 22 people and injured hundreds, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The Palestinian organization Hamas claimed responsibility for the missile attack.

Hamas military commander Mohammed al-Deif released a recorded message announcing Operation “Al-Aqsa Storm” in which Palestinian militants “targeted enemy positions, airports and military sites with 5,000 missiles.” said.

The IDF warned Israelis living near Gaza to stay in their homes.

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A missile witnessed by a producer. CNN Sirens rang out in the far north of Gaza, the Tel Aviv region in the east, Beersheba and many places in between.

According to the MDA, a 70-year-old woman from Kfar Aviv in the Guderot region died after the attack.

Rescuers said two other people in the Ashkelon region suffered minor injuries, and a fourth, a man in his 20s from Yavneh, was disfigured by shrapnel.

Damage caused by rocket attacks from Gaza by Palestinian Hamas militants this Saturday (7) / Ilya Efimovich/Photo Union, via Getty Images

The missile was fired at around 6:30 a.m. local time, when most Israelis were asleep.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Galant are conducting a security assessment at the Israeli Defense Forces headquarters in Tel Aviv, according to Netanyahu’s office.

The Israel Defense Forces declared a “state of war alert” and said it was mobilizing soldiers.

Reservists have also been called up.

Gaza Strip

Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world, an isolated coastal enclave with nearly 2 million people crammed into just over 360 square kilometers.

The Hamas-ruled region has been largely isolated from the rest of the world due to Israel’s land, air and sea blockade of Gaza dating back to 2007. Egypt controls the Rafah border crossing in southern Gaza.

Israel imposes severe restrictions on the freedom of movement of its citizens and restricts the import of essential goods into its narrow coastal strip.

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